mandatory emergency registration loophole

They've made listing emergency contact information for the stupid (and dangerous) "Amber Alert" style automatic wardialer emergency notification system through the disclosure of personal contact information "mandatory" to enroll, but one can leave all the fields blank and check a box at the bottom to enroll without filling in the form.


I have found a potential apartment near WPI and I wanted to know if anyone here knew anything about the landlord or the property. It is at 13 Home St. and is rented by a woman named Sally who owns the two houses next door and live in one. Thanks in advance for the help.

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WPI Watches

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Wanna make 20 bucks?

I am offering a $20 Target gift card to whoever helps me move a tall minifridge Monday at 4:30. What a deal! Reply here to let me know. This is also posted on facebook. First one to respond wins.

Edit: Found someone. All set.


New Voices auditions!

Tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday, each night from 6:30 to 9!

Come to the Little Theatre and walk in through the stage door beforehand to audition for any and all of this year's 12 plays.

You don't even need to have a monologue ready! There are tons and tons of books with pieces already there for you.

Come on down! New Voices is an amazing experience either starting up or continuing in theatre. No previous acting required at all. =)

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Worcester Collegium - Wednesday, Feb 27, 7pm Mechanics Hall

Worcester's new professional String Orchestra will present a concert
this Wednesday evening, at Mechanics Hall, featuring music from
England (the UK) ... Admission $20/$15/$10 (Regular/Senior/Student
with ID)

Added bonus: WPI Alumna (me) and current WPI CS-major Sarah will be playing viola. Mass Academy Alum Zach will be playing violin. And there are surely other people you will know.

One of the great pieces we will be playing is a Fantasia on
Greensleaves by R. Vaughn Williams. Featuring Tracy Kraus on Flute.

Peter Sulski will be performing Paul Carr's Viola Air

And Ian Watson will be directing.

It promises to be an amazing evening. See everyone there!

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NEW VOICES 26 - Playwright and Directors - Meet and Greet

NEW VOICES 26 - Playwright and Directors - Meet and Greet


The plays for New Voices 26 have been chosen!
Are you interested in Directing?

Here's what you should do...

1) Breath. Haven't directed before? That's OK. New Voices is voices!
2) Read the scripts! They will be available soon in the WPI Humanities and Arts Department, 1st floor of Salisbury Labs.
3) Contact the dramaturg for that play!

Still feeling a little lost? Want to meet the playwrights?

**Are you a playwright looking for a director?

Come to the New Voices 26 Meet and Greet for possible Directors and Playwrights!
Monday, February 25, 2008, 7:30 pm
Alden Green Room (behind the stage in Alden)

**Directors must be chosen by February 29, so start the process NOW!**

New Voices 26 Theatre Workshop

New Voices 26 Theatre Workshop

Everything you need to know about New Voices.

Don't know anything about New Voices?
Want to brush up on your New Voices info?
Looking to get involved?

Alpha Psi Omega, Rho Kappa cast is having a workshop open to anyone who
wants to be involved with acting, directing, lighting, set, house, etc.
Meet this year's production staff as well as members of the Rho Kappa

Monday, February 18th, 7:30 pm in the Little Theatre!

New Voices is WPI's original play festival. This year marks the festival's
26th year. WPI students, faculty, staff, community, etc. work on the
festival each year. For more information about New Voices visit: