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Feb. 13th, 2008 @ 06:45 pm Masque presents THE UNDERPANTS
Masque Presents

THE UNDERPANTS adapted by Steve Martin

You're at a parade for the King.
The streets are crowded.
Out of the corner of your eye you see some movement.
You don't want to look away or you might miss seeing the King...
but something tells you that it might be worth it...

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Friday, February 15, 2008
Saturday, February 16, 2008

Doors at 7:30 pm
Shows at 8:00 pm

$3.00 w/WPI ID
$7.00 general admission
Valentine's Day Special: 2 tickets for $5.00

to reserve: 508-831-6407    (WPI x6407)
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Dec. 3rd, 2007 @ 02:59 pm Even Our ____ Is Goth
You are hereby invited to come and bask in true art. Empty Soul, formerly known as Empty Set, is having its B Term show tonight, "Even Our ____ Is Goth". It will start at 8pm in Olin Hall 107. A frown turned upside-down is STILL A FROWN.
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Snake (cool)
Nov. 25th, 2007 @ 01:04 pm LOST RING
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
My boyfriend is a student at WPI and I recently visited him and lost a ring that has a lot of sentimental value to me. I left it in the girls bathroom in the campus center (the one near the pool tables). It is white gold with diamonds and has a square design in the center. We are offering a $50 cash reward plus a $100 gift card to Barnes and Nobles/ Campus Book Store to anyone who found it. I assure you that no judgements will be made, I only care about getting the ring back at this point. If you have the ring, or know someone who does have it, please email my boyfriend as das@wpiDOTedu.

Also, if you can suggest any other methods of searching for the ring, please let me know! Thanks so much for your help!!
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Nov. 23rd, 2007 @ 07:02 pm The Science Fiction Society presents Battlestar Galactica: Razor
Come see Battlestar Galactica: Razor, tomorrow night in Olin Hall 107 at 9pm! See what happened aboard the Battlestar Pegasus from Exodus to Explosion.

Hosted by the Science Fiction Society.
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Falco (irate)
Nov. 4th, 2007 @ 06:13 pm Trans Siberian Orchestra
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Hey all.. I have two tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra playing on this coming Saturday (as in, Nov 10th) at 8pm at the DCU center, as well as a parking pass for the event.

Because of a friend of mine, who I was going to see this with, skipping out.. I am forced to sell the tickets.

The tickets themselves are on "Floor4" row B, seats 13 and 14. So pretty close by.

I bought all of this for $150, but I'll be willing to sell to someone for a reasonable offer, just so long as I can get some of the money back. Please comment here with your e-mail and a price you'd be willing to buy the tickets for and we'll talk, if you want them. Comments will be screened, so you don't have to worry about personal information getting let out.

The sooner the better! Thanks!
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Cloud Strife
Nov. 2nd, 2007 @ 02:32 am (no subject)
Anybody looking for an apartment? If you are, leave contact info in the comments section. Comments are screened.
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Oct. 10th, 2007 @ 01:35 pm Lost cellphone
An Indian student has lost his Nokia N72 cellphone in Washburn. Can't figure out who it belongs to from a scan of the contents. Contact me here, or call campus police (who can give you my phone extension), and I'll try to get it back to you.

His name might be Jithu, his friend might be Naga Praveen... unless those are words in Hindi or something. He might be an ECE (or just taking a class there).

Anyway, point this guy at this entry if you know him.

eta: I've gotten it back to him.
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Oct. 10th, 2007 @ 09:12 am Project Promo
Current Location: Worcester
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Ocean Born Muse - Moonshards
Anyone familiar with the rules on promotions on and around campus? I want to know if I can get away with doing some flyer promo for my music project.

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By Land and Sea
Oct. 5th, 2007 @ 09:56 am KILROY Sketch Comedy presents
"Sometimes, When I'm Alone At Night, I Look Up At The Moon And Think Of KILROY"
Free comedy show, tonight at 8pm in Kinnicutt Hall!
Complete with hats!
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Iron Man (woot)
Oct. 2nd, 2007 @ 05:34 pm New All Saints Lunchtime Concert Series
So there is a brand new Concert Series in town, namely on the intersection of Pleasant and Irving Streets, just a 2 minute walk from Main St. It will take place on Wednesdays, from 12:10-12:50, starting tomorrow, October 3, 2007.

We feature the finest artists from the Worcester area, and the concerts are free, and open to the public. Hope to see you there!

xposted to worcesterma and clarkuniversity.
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